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Meiya Pico has been devoting to digital forensic training for the past eight years for law enforcement agencies in China. The Company has built its Meiya Information Security Academy (MISA), which provides computer forensics, mobile forensics, data recovery and information security training courses. MISA trains over 10000 students each year. The Company has started to authorize its trainees of digital forensic examiner with enterprise-level certification, Meiya Certified Examiner,  since 2009. It has more than 1000 holders until now.

Meiya Pico worked closely with GSI and has localized EnCase CF1 and CF2 student & instructor manuals since 2008. From 2013, the Company becomes the state level forensics training certificated institution in China. Meiya Pico provides below training courses:
Training Courses
◆ Forensic Fundamental (Chinese)
◆ Data Recovery Training (Chinese)
◆ Mobile Forensic Fundamental (Chinese)
◆ Windows Forensics (Chinese)

Provide English and Russian translation in class.

Every year, MISA give digital forensic training course to industry attendees and win high comments.