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  • a professional digital forensic equipment which support recovery various data format such as computer, cellphone data and especially videos in mov/mp4/3gp/m4v/avi files.

  • A portable computer forensics equipment used in laboratory or field investigation for automated forensics process like image, data acquisition, data recovery and data analysis.

  • The MFT Forensic Tower is Meiya Pico's Forensic Workstation.

  • Forensics Master is practice-tested comprehensive digital forensic solution intended for quick,

  • “OCTOPUS” Multi-Protocol Acquisition Device (iDC-8670) is designed for online

  • Aurora (iATT-1200) is an integrated password recovery solution with complex of software and hardware.

  • Data Wiping Workstation (iDE-800), is the new generation of data destroying device for various storage mediums.

  • Write-blocker Kit provides digital forensic professionals with fast, secure and forensically sound write-blocking from various storage mediums.