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Forensic Grampus


Meiya Grampus is a highly integrated and powerful forensic automobile developed by Meiya Pico oriented for instant forensic response.

In addition to its high mobility, it also provides comprehensive forensic functions and is applicable to many forensic scenarios such as unified commanding, filed investigation, forensic analysis, and networked forensic support.

Forensic investigators can now make their decisions, acquisitions, as well as the follow up forensic analyzing and reporting all on this automobile. Meiya Grampus is making a leap in field forensic investigations. It promotes not only the field-ready support, but also optimizes the procedure and efficiency for these investigations.

Triage investigation:

Define triage policy, secure scene, and gather evidence.

Evidence Identification:

Rapidly acquire, analysis, and finally identify valuable digital evidence.

Mobile Forensics:

Extract available and deleted digital evidence and multimedia files from all kinds of mobile communications equipment.

Media Analysis:

Discover, monitor, trace, and check for sensitive media information. Prevent required information from spreading on networks.

Aerial monitoring:

Remotely command forensic-specific drones to monitor suspect targets to send back pictures, videos, or voices to the ground.

Correlation analysis:

Analyze the networked structure of various kinds of information, discovering internal connections and chains, and represent such connections in a graphical manner.



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