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Mobile Forensics System


iDC-4501 Mobile Forensics System


An one-stop Android & iOS cell phone forensics solution used in case investigation. 

With standard forensics workflows & powerful forensic tools 

Support various types of cell phones, especially for those with Chinese brands .


1. Standard forensics workflows 

    With cell phone data acquisition, data recovery, data analysis and report making.




2. Strong support for Android cell phones of Chinese brands like Huawei, Xiao MI, OPPO, Vivo and more.

    With screen unlock or flash image functions 


3. Privilege Escalation to access the data for iPhone from iOS 10 to iOS 11.1.2



4.  More applications supported



5. Rich forensics tools

Built-in rich forensics tools to provide screen unlock, one-key root, image, backup guide and others.


6. MYReader - standard tool for report making

Provide investigators clear overview of analysis results and better group collaboration.



Recommended Laptop OS: 64bit Windows 7 




1. Please click the link to to download the brochure and user manual


Mobile Forensic System Brochure.rar


2. System Download Center

For customers who already purchased the system with Dongle, please update the system with link as belows

The version V2.617302 was launched on 20, July 2018 with size of 2.1 G

System Full Version :    iDC-4501NV2 Mobile Forensics System V2 V2.6.17302.rar

For users who are interested in the system, please download the trail version with the link as belows

The version V2.618303 is valid for 90 days and will expire on 30, November, 2018. The size is 1.8G

System Trail Version :    iDC-4501NV2 Mobile Forensics System V2 V2.6.18303.rar

Note: Compared with full version of system, the trail one is without the function of Tools, update, registration and more. 

Forensic Tools:    MFTools V2.1.36201



TIPS: If you are interested in this product, For more information, please leave a message online, the sales staff will contact you shortly.

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