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Mobile Forensics System


Mobile Forensics System iDC-4501, is a next generation of integrated, comprehensive solution for data extraction, decoding and analysis on mobile devices. With a high performance Laptop and rich accessories, the Mobile Forensics System is designed for fast, portable, intuitive application in field or lab.

1. Basing on propriety patents and technology, provides comprehensive functions like logical, file and physical system extractions, browser and correlative analysis of data.
2. Strong support for wide range of mobile devices
3. Automatic acquisition and friendly UI for all skill levels
4. Smartly categorize all extracted data
5. View report and export in Word、PDF & Html intuitively.
6. Password decryption and screen lock bypassing
7. Sufficient accessories & peripheral tool kit
8. Frequent online update to support with new phones and apps


About Software:* Support six mobile systems: Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Linux, and more than 8000 devices.* Strong support for file and physical system extraction and decoding from Chinese Knock-off phones* Data cable (recommended) and Bluetooth connection modes* Support recovery of deleted data, including the SIM/USIM/UIM card and the following mobile devices: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, Spreadtrum, Nokia S40 phones, Motorola dumbphones and Qualcomm platform CDMA feature phones.* Support power-on password acquisition of Chinese Knock-off phones and Motorola dumbphones .* Support image acquisition and analysis, including the following mobile devices: iPhone, Android phones, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, Spreadtrum, Nokia S40 phones.* Decoding of JTAG physical extractions from a rich set of data*Supports for cloning from various SIM cards* Accessories includes imaging device, three-in-one SIM card reader, multi-functional card reader (read-only/read-write switchable) and Bluetooth module.* Rich set of decoding: Apps data, passwords,emails, call history, SMS, contacts, calendar,media files, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,location information,app etc.* Supports device model identification* Correlative analysis, including: call records, SMS records, E-mail and so on.


Laptop OS: 32bit Windows 7 UltimateInternal Memory: 4GCPU: Intel Core i7HDD: 1TBGPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M


SN   Item  Qty.1 Bluetooth Adapter 12 SIM Card Reader 13 Card Reader, 14 Laptop 15 USB Hub 16 Wireless Mouse 17 Mobile Phone Charger 18 Faraday box 19 Mobile Phone Packing Pad 110 USB Cable for the Faraday Box 111 Mobile Forensic Analyzer Disc 112 Product Video Disc 113 Data Cable Pack 114 Data Cable Bag 115 Antistatic Gloves 216 Flasher Box 117 USB Dongle 118 Blank SIM Card 519 Blank UIM and CDMA Card 520 User Manual 121 Accessory Box 1



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