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Anti-drone Gear


Unauthorized drone flight are the new challenge for public security. Anti-drone gear will secure the key airspace,effectively defend low altitude drone flight


System Features

● Quick Defense 

● Dual Suppressing Band

● Easy to Carry

● Modularity Design    

● Cartridge type battery supply and unattended operation



Dimension (mm): 952 x200 x60

Suppressing Band:     2.4GHz/5.8GHz

Weight:             ≤5Kg

Suppressing Distance: ≥300 meters

Telescope zoom:  ≥x4.5~x18

Battery Capacity:     100WH/130WH(optional)

Battery Life:          ≥60 min

Battery Changing :  Cartridge Type design, Supports battery quick changing, changing time ≤30 sec

Charging System:  Supports Smart Charging Management, unattended operation.

RF System:       Orientation High-Gain

AntennaWorking Temperature:  -20℃~+60℃


Power SystemSmart Power Station: 

Built-in professional smart charging management system, able to charge four batteries at the same time, unattended operation.

Max Charging Power:100 W       

Max Charging currency for each battery: 3.83 A    

Battery: Smart Drone battery with built-in balanced circuit, includes functions such as protocol communication, battery life detection, battery cycles record, self-discharging protection 

Capacity:  4500 mAh /(5700mAh optional)       

Power :  99.90WH/(129.96WH optional)       

Voltage:  22.2V       

Battery Type:LiPo 6S




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