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iNF-9560 Vehicle-based LTE Locator System


iNF-9560 Vehicle-based LTE Locator System, covering popular standards of LTE 4G technology, FDD and TDD, coud locate suspect devices quickly.

It supports to locate not only by mainstream frequency bands of 4G, but by redirecting targets to devices with 2/3G.

The system uses the tablet as terminal, stardard case and large capacity battery of 2400W to ensure working long hours. 


Multiple targets monitoring at one time

Support to monitor multiple targets and locate them at the same time.

Data comparison

Support to collect all IMSI data of 4G mobile terminals in the area and make comparison between collected data and local database for analysis.

Playback of tracking route

Support to playback and display tracking route for precise locating based on the Map.

Field-strength meter with multiple frequency bands

Support to switch multiple frequency bands, display on the mobile phone screen with higher security.

Usage approval

Support to manage with usage approval or operation logs functions to make examination beforehand and review easily.





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