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Data Wiping Workstation


Data Wiping Workstation (iDE-800), is one of the newest generation of data-destroying devices for various storage media. It allows concurrent data destruction by 12 channels of storage media.

Twelve data wiping channels.
1.Provides abundant interfaces: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 3x IDE/SATA, 1x SCSI, 4 x SATA/SAS channels.
2.Maximum wiping speed: 11 GB/min.
Upon different requirement, users can choose a wiping mode among Quick Wipe, DoD Wipe and Customize
1.Disk Health Check
Scan for and report bad sectors on the source hard drives.
2.Task Reporting
Detailed information about wiping sessions is provided, and reports can be printed.
3.User-Friendly Interface
Easy and intuitive user interface makes it simple to operate for all skill levels
4.Automatic Device Detection
Automatically detect connected storage media and monitor status of these devices in real time.

Dimension of package: 600mm*220mm*600mm
Weight: 21.5kg


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