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Forensic Tower (MFT)

Forensic Tower, the evolutional computer forensic device, is an intelligent, powerful, easy-to-use digital forensic workstation which enables investigators to start their work after a short term of training or even without trainings. Automatic forensic technology allows users to focus on target evidentiary data, rather than how to operate the device.
Based on parallel forensic technology, Forensic Tower is highly integrated with disk cloner, Forensic Master TM (analyzer) and OS emulator, achieving 4: 4 disk cloning, 8 channels concurrent analysis or imaging. It contains 8 built-in write-blockers (4 of them switchable), triple screens, forceful processor, as well as rich interfaces. Forensic Tower is suitable for solving cases with large amount of data in a short time. It saves manpower, time and costs and is the best choice for digital forensic lab.
With 3 monitors, the Forensic tower provides investigators sufficient displays to monitor duplication, analysis, emulation and report editing

Parallel Forensic Technology
• The Parallel Forensic Technology makes a leap in promoting the duplication speed, that is, four times faster as regular methods.
• The Parallel Forensic Technology helps MFT achieve a parallel duplication speed up to 7.5GB/min, and SDD speed up to 19.5GB/min. It supports flexible configuration that allows investigators to customize the sources, destinations, and parameter settings in data duplication.

Multi-task Supported
User can load several hard disks( maximum 8)into Forensic Master for analysis or keyword search with special optimization of Parallel forensic technology and multi-task management, which makes full use of CPU,extremely saves time and costs.

This feature allows the MFT makes largest use of CPU resources, and Forensics Tower solution provide three LCD to display different task such as analysis,duplication and emulation

Rich interfaces
• SAS, SATA, IDE, SCSI, and USB at source
• SATA/SAS supported on destination
• All sources are write-blocked
• Allow access to various storage cards
Ventilated Drive Holder
• All sizes of IDE (3.5 ", 2.5 ", 1.8 ") with adapter, SCSI (with adapters),
• SATA drives can be put in the drive holder to be imaged or analyzed.
• The silo is ventilated and stable, which protect drives safely.
Hot Plugging & Cable Free Design
All SATA/SAS interfaces and four target R/W ports (SATA/SAS) are hot-pluggable with cable-free design.

• Duplication: The speed is more than 6GB/min, SDD speed up to 13.6GB/min. Support Hard drive Duplication of Source to Destination combination as “1HD to 1HD”, “1 HD to 2 HD”, “1 HD to 3 HD”, “1 HD to 4 HD”, “2 HD to 2 HD”, “3 HD to 3 HD”, “4 HD to 4 HD”
• Analysis (optional): Use “Forensics Analysis Software” or customers install EnCase / FTK to analyze
• Emulation (optional): Support disk with OS win2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7, but not support image emulation
• Write-Blocker & Read/Write Ports:
1 x DVD BlueRay Recorder1 x Media card reader (R/RW)1 x Integrated USB Write Blocker1 x IDE read Blocker (contain 2.5’ notebook hard driver converter)1 x SCSI read Blocker(Include 68 pin-80 pin converter)4 x SAS/SATA read Blocker4 x SATA Read/Write Ports

CPU : Intel i7-6700K/4.0G (Launch in Mar 2017)
MEM : 16GB  x2
Hard Drive : 8TB x1; SSD 480G
OS : Windows 7 64bit Ultimate (English)
Software : Duplicator software; Forensics Analysis Software (optional)
Video Card: 1G DDR5

Write-Blocker & Read/Write Ports:
1 x DVD BlueRay Recorder
1 x Media card reader (R/RW)
1 x Integrated USB Write Blocker
1 x IDE read Blocker (contain 2.5’ notebook hard driver converter)
1 x SCSI read Blocker(Include 68 pin-80 pin converter)
4 x SAS/SATA read Blocker
4 x SATA Read/Write Ports
SN              Item                                                                   Qty.
1                 3in1 Disk Converter                                                          1
2                 SCSI68-to-50 Converter                                                   1
3                 SCSI68-to-80 Converter                                                   1
4                 SATA-to-MicroSATA Converter                                        1
5                 Printable DVD Disc                                                           2
6                 Printable CD Disc                                                             2
7                 SIM Card Reader, GSM and CDMA                                 1
8                 Rewriteable Disc, MAXELL 2X BD-REm Blueray, 25 GB 2
9                2.5-inch -3.5 inch HD Converter Box                                 4
10             Card Cover, MSPRO-to-MS                                               1
11                Card Cover, Mini SD-to-SD                                             1
12               Card Cover, Micro SD-to-SD                                            1
13                Sticker                                                                              1
14              Accessory Pack                                                                 1
15             IDE Hard Disk Cable (Short)                                               2
16           IDE Hard Disk Cable (Long)                                                 1
17             SATA Hard Disk Cable + Data Cable (20CM)                    2
18            SATA Hard Disk Cable + Data Cable (50CM)                     1
19                SCSI Hard Disk Cable                                                     2
20            Hard Disk Power Cable (Short)                                           2
21              Hard Disk Power Cable (Long)                                          1
22              24’  LCD                                                                             3
23              Microsoft Wireless mouse and keyboard kit                      1
24              Forensic Analysis Workstation Host                                  1


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