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Congratulations! The handover ceremony of digital forensics laboratory successfully held in Vietnam

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    According to the Xinhua News Agency, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam has recently witnessed successful conclusion of digital forensics laboratory handover ceremony, whose construction has been financially aided by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC.


    Zhao Wanpeng, Police Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, and Wu Yulin, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam attended the ceremony.

    In his speech, Zhao Wanpeng said that in view of the current and future international and regional crimes and the need for cooperation between Minitry of Public Security of PRC and its counterpart of Vietnam to combat cybercrime such as telecom fraud, two sides have decided to launch the project to build the digital forenscis laboratory with joint efforts. The successful completion of the project marks a new milestone in the history of mutual cooperation and the new stage in law enforcement security cooperation.

    Wu Yulin has expressed his sincere thanks for the long-term support and assistance from China in law enforcement agencies of Vietnam. Vietnam would take this as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation with China to crack down on online and high-tech crimes, as well as contribute to a safe and stable society.

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    In 2013, Meiya Pico began to cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security of PRC to undertake construction of overseas digital forensics laboratory which is financially aided by China. The priority is to assist developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

    With the aim to enhance ability to fight cybercrime and promote international police cooperation, Meiya Pico has contributed to international cooperation projects in completing lab construction in many countries along the “Belt and Road”.