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Congratulations! Meiya Pico has got the certificate of CMMI Level 5

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Congratulations! Meiya Pico has got the certificate of CMMI Level 5

On August 29, 2018,Meiya Pico passed the CMMI-V1.3/L5 assessment, and received a high degree of recognition to this assessment from SEI Director Appraiser Mira Culley. This certification marks that our software process management capability has reached the highest level in the industry, laying a good foundation for the sustainable development and continuous innovation of the company's R&D process capability.


CMMI, abbreviated for Capability Maturity Model Integration, is a capability maturity integration model. It is a “passport” for software products to enter the international market. It is also one of the most standardized and difficult certifications in the global software industry. The ability to pass CMMI certification has become one of the important indicators in the industry to measure the engineering development capabilities of software companies. Among them, CMMI5 is the highest level, which is called “optimized management level”. Less than 10% of the global CMMI evaluation companies have passed the CMMI level 5 assessment. In China, this figure is only 5%.


Meiya Pico has attached great importance to the certification. At the beginning of 2016, we started to carry out innovation in high maturity system construction and quantitative management. At the beginning of 2018, the Technical Management Committee organized various research institutes and human resources departments to set up a special team for the CMMI5 project. The evaluation of CMMI5 marks the world-class level of Meiya Pico software process organization, technology research and development, and project management.

In the future, Meiya Pico will continue to carry out process improvement based on CMMI5, continuously develop and innovate, improve product quality and company management, and continue to provide quality products and services for customers!