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Meiya Pico’s Exchange in Sri Lanka: an Implementation of ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative

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Meiya Pico's Exchange in Sri Lanka: an Implementation of 'Belt and Road' Initiative


On Mar. 6th to 7th 2018, Meiya Pico has joined hands with its local partner in Sri Lanka to hold a workshop on digital forensics for the military and police in Colombo.

The workshop has been attended by 60 law-enforcement personnel approximately, all of whom are from the Army, the Navy and Air Force as well as the CERT, a local emergency response department.

Through the detailed product presentation by Meiya Pico's technical experts, the participants have not only gained understanding of Meiya Pico advanced smart forensics solution and its flagship product, but got deeper comprehension of products functionalities after the practical operation. Most obviously, they has been impressed with the intelligence and convenience of our products.

Except that, our technical experts have conducted a successful forensics analysis and made a full report with the storage devices brought by the customers, which has won their recognition and positive comments directly.


As always, Meiya Pico has stuck to the strategy of 'Going Global' and the initiative of 'Belt and Road'. By cooperating with the Ministry of Public Security, Meiya Pico has achieved fruitful accomplishments related to the oversea training, technical exchanges and service, product selling and assistance to build the forensic lab. In the future, Meiya Pico will continuously deepen its cooperation with local resellers in Sri Lanka which is also involved in 'Belt and Road' initiative so as to expand the overseas market in a proactive way.