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The South African security minister visit Meiya Pcico

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Sep.6.2017, The South African security minister mahlobo visit meiyapico and hope to understand China’s cutting-edge technology in network security through meiyapico. Mahlobo wishes to further cyberspace security and law enforcement cooperation and technical exchange with meiyapico.



Chairman Teng da, deputy general manager luanjiangxia & zhangxuefeng comprehensively introduces the present cyber space security technologies and products, as well as the meiyapico cupressaceae for bric cyber security services to provide technical support.

"Cyber space security is one of unfamiliar areas for South Africa.”he said.Thanks for meiya pico present china Cyber space security technologies. At the same time, he is very interested in the "xiangyun" urban public security management platform of meiyapico and hopes can strengthen cooperation in this part in the future. "I will report to the president as soon as possible and send a team to meiya pico for technical exchanges. I'm confident that the president will also be happy to cooperate with our brics countries-China.”

         Mr.mahlobo also visited the Meiya Grampus,product experience area, supercomputing center, bid data lab and big search lad. At the end of the tour, Mr.Mallobo wrote down blessing to meiya pico and exchanged gifts with meiya pico chairman tenda.