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Who We Are

Meiya Pico is the leading digital forensics and information security products and service provider in China, and dominates 45% digital forensic market share in China. Established in 1999, Meiya Pico started as an EnCase reseller and provided forensic service and training. Till now, Meiya Pico has established 24 offices across mainland China. Listed on the ChiNext board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 16, 2011, Meiya Pico has been developing own hardware and software products of digital investigations and information security protection. Meiya Pico has six service centers, focusing on digital forensic authentication, data recovery, digital forensic training, intellectual property protection, and technical support respectively. Meiya Pico  entered the international market since 2011 and is providing digital forensic products , forensic solution and service to worldwide clients.

Six Service Centers
Digital Forensic Authentication Center (CNAS)
Data Recovery Service Center
IPR Protection Service Center
e-Discovery Service Center
Training Center (3000+ attendee annually)
Technical Support Center (100+ engineers)

What is Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the practice of identifying, extracting and considering evidence from digital media such as computer hard drives, mobile phone, and media storage card. Digital evidence is both fragile and volatile and requires the attention of a certified specialist to ensure that materials of evidentiary value can be effectively isolated and extracted in a scientific manner that will bear the scrutiny of a court of law.